What Is Vitrabond®?

Vitrabond® is a lightweight Metal Composite Material (MCM) cladding Panel, manufactured in a continuous coil process by fusing metal skins to a composite core, and boasts the widest variety of surfaces and finishes in the industry.

Typical Composition

  1. Peel-off Protective Film
  2. Clear/Nano Coating
  3. PVDF Coloured Coating
  4. Primer Coating
  5. 0.5mm Aluminium Skin
  6. 3mm FR Core
  7. 0.5mm Aluminium Skin
  8. Polyester Anti-corrosion Coating

The composite material is rigid, resistant to blows, breakage and pressure, and has high bending, buckling and breaking strengths.

Understanding Colors and Finishes

Fairview brings industry-leading color and finish capabilities to the table by developing custom woodgrains, natural metals, and anodized finishes along with our standard offerings.

Pallet Return Program

Fairview is proud to say that we deliver all of our material on the industry’s best built and packaged pallets in the industry. To sweeten the deal even more we’ve created the Pallet Return Program that allows our customers to earn free shipping once they accrue a specific quantity of pallets depending on their location.  Once they have the needed amount of pallets our operations team dispatches a truck to take them back to our facility to be used again.

Standard Vitrabond Sheet Dimensions

Available Sheet Thicknesses: Standard 3mm (0.118”), 4mm (0.157”), 6mm (0.236”). Custom thickness available.

Sheet Width: Standard: 39.37”, 49.2”, 62” Custom: 36”- 80”

Panel Length: Standard: 122”, 146”, 196” Custom max 256”


The categories of people that use Vitrabond® are Architects, General Contractors, Fabricators and Installers. They all have the same goal in mind, which is to enhance the beauty of the building through the different finishes and colors that the panels and material have to offer.


Specify Vitrabond because of the wide variety of surfaces and finishes that are available, compared to other façade products.

General Contractors

Prefer Vitrabond because of the value-added services that ensure an effective on-time and on-budget completion of the project.

Fabricators and Installers

Promote Vitrabond because they have the assurance of a knowledgeable and supportive team behind the product that is helping them achieve success.

Where Is Vitrabond® Used

Vitrabond is Primarily used on the exterior of a structure. It is used mainly as a facade, and has sleek, smooth design, as well as high rigidity, making it easy to bend the way an architect and a building calls for. It can also be used as infill in a Curtain Wall System, Column Covers, Soffits, Fascias, and as an interior finish material.

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Enjoy The Peace Of Mind That Comes With VITRABOND

Highly durable PVDF Fluoropolymer Kynar 500 coating system.

Unlimited custom colors with no MOQ (We can match any PMS, Pantone, Paint, Powder coat)

Compatible with all attachment systems on the market that are designed for aluminum composite panel

110% Stock & Color Policy - extra material in case you need it

Classico-Solid Colors

Anodic Satin Black FV5292

Gold Metallic FV4150

Bronze Metallic FV9308

Champagne Metallic FV9205

Copper Metallic FV9809

Dark Grey Metallic FV9137

Bright Silver Metallic FV9801

Smoke Silver Metallic FV9134

Silver Metallic FV9601

Bone White FV9902

Off White FV9702

Pearl White Gloss FV1025

Black FV9130

Lake Frome FV9504

Graystanes FV9304

Bellereve Bay FV9107

Quaker Bronze FV1385

Rubis Red FV1685

Metallica-Metallic Colors

Clear Anodized FV5860

Dark Bronze Anodized FV5284

Brushed Bronze FV5272

Weathered Slate FV5232

Weathered Grey FV5231

Weathered Blue FV5230

Black Ice FV0274

Frost FV0015

Rhino Nickel FV0735

Rhino Slate FV0728

Stainless Steel – Hairline Finish FV5850

Brown Copper FV5382

Stainless Steel – Titanium FV5832

Solid Blue Copper Patina FV5445

Solid Green Copper Patina FV5550

Progressive Green Copper Patina FV5560

Progressive Blue Copper Patina FV5565

Blue Zinc FV5460

Bamboo Bronze FV5150

Blue Pearl FV7025

Special Order

Sunset Metallic FV4191

Vineyard Red FV4660

Royal Blue Metallic FV4475

Pewter Metallic FV4265

Amethyst Metallic FV4460

Snow Cloud Metallic FV4020

Ascot White FV9210

Anthrazit Grey FV1225

Railway Off White FV1090

Airport White Satin FV1005

Lemon Yellow FV1120

Boat Harbour FV9207

Vintage Green FV1530

Brimstone FV9011

Bakos Blue FV1490

Pure Apple FV1550

Bright Orange FV1190

Ultramarine Blue FV1460

Beige VB1310

Fairview Green VB9212

Naturaline-Natural Metal

Stainless Steel – Hairline Finish FV5850

Brown Copper FV5382

Stainless Steel – Titanium FV5832

Solid Blue Copper Patina FV5445

Solid Green Copper Patina FV5550

Progressive Green Copper Patina FV5560

Progressive Blue Copper Patina FV5565

Blue Zinc FV5460

Red Zinc FV5674

Slate Zinc FV5210

Blue Grey Zinc FV5740

Graphite Zinc FV5225

Charcoal Zinc FV5290

Stainless Steel – Mirror FV5800

Aluminum – Hairline Finish VB5850

Stainless Steel – Opaque FV5755

Anodized Brilliant Mirror FV5801

Faux-Realistic Finishes

Bamboo Bronze FV5150

Sierra Rust FV5361

Desert Rust FV5362

Egyptian Copper FV5373

Aztec Rust FV5155

Bamboo Zinc FV5768

Bamboo Champagne FV5753

Bamboo Nickel FV5742

Bamboo Silver FV5730

Bamboo White FV5015

Faux Zinc Light FV5790

Faux Zinc Dark FV5220

Faux Zinc Charcoal FV5260

Stonecreate-Natural Stone

White Marble VB6060

Green Marble VB6575

Brown Marble VB6380

Black Granite VB6250

Woodcreate-Wood Grain Finish

Natural Cherry FV8362

Black Walnut FV8349

Silver Maple FV8123

Honey Oak FV8353

Gunstock Maple FV8379

Zebrawood FV8390

Deep Mahogany FV8384

Beachwood FV8719

Rough Sawn Oak

Modern Teak FV8332

Vitra FX-Special Effect Colors

Blue Pearl FV7025

Nebula FV7585

Tropical Shallows FV7534

Chromatic Tiger FV7180