Arrowhead and the SUNY Cortland Park Center Skating Rink

How Arrowhead enabled a faultless performance on an ice rink project and a standing ovation from the installation company’s finance department


Flynn Battaglia Architect’s design for the SUNY Cortland Park Center Skating Rink project was for the cross-section joints on the building’s façade to symbolize skate lines on an ice rink. To achieve the desired outcome and bring this design to fruition would require an installation system that could rise to the challenge.

Charles F Evans Co Inc, were chosen as both fabricator and installer for the project. They were also the ones to decide from several different extrusion systems, which one would be right for this project. They settled on Arrowhead even though they had not worked with it before, but it could guarantee the accurate and easy joint alignment required to achieve the design and it was also able to make the field dimensioning seamless.


In the photos above, the cross-section joint is seamless over multiple rows and columns of panels


“Having worked in the industry for many years, we knew that this project would need a system that ensured a high level of accuracy to achieve the specific requirements of the design. The Arrowhead system could guarantee this level of accuracy and it also had some other benefits that we had not anticipated,” commented Bill Burge of Charles F Evans Co Inc.

In addition to providing accuracy on the installation, the Arrowhead system also provided Charles F Evans Co Inc with an overall project cost saving of 15-20% on their usual installation costs. This saving was largely due to the reduced amount of labor required to complete the project. As Arrowhead allows for non-sequential installation of panels, there is no waiting around on site for the next sequential panel as whatever is ready can be installed. This financial benefit is not restricted to this project but to any project that uses the Arrowhead system. It is a finance department's dream.


Non-sequential installation is made possible by the extrusions being installed first and the measurements for panels being taken from the installed base extrusions. This means that

any panel can be installed as soon as they arrive on the job site. Installers then use the revolutionary T-clip to secures the panel being installed in place and then the next panel can be simply slotted in next to it when ready.

Prior to starting the project, Charles F Evans Co’s team underwent Fairview’s Arrowhead training as all Arrowhead installers must be authorized before working with the system. This training is essential to ensure a full understanding of the potential of the system and also the many rewards and benefits that it has over a traditional system.

Bill Burge added: “The training was great. It helped us pick up on potential issues ahead of starting on site. By the time we started installing, we were ready”.

We provide a monthly Arrowhead newsletter to keep customers and contacts up-to-date on projects and other useful information including tips on how to use the system to maximize its many benefits. If you would like to receive this simply sign-up here. Alternatively, if you have any queries about the Arrowhead system; would like to sign up for the authorized installer training course or would like a refresher course on your earlier training, please reach out to us.

A message to our Customers and Contacts about COVID-19

We have been monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our ability to service our customers and partners. Our primary concern is for our people, and we have implemented precautions according to guidelines set out by the relevant authorities and remain flexible to adapt to further guidelines as the situation develops.

At this time the COVID-19 pandemic is not currently impacting our supply chain. We continue to maintain large inventory in Connecticut and our raw materials suppliers have confirmed that they have additional reserved stock available for us. Thanks to the strong vendor relations that we have established over the last few years at this time we expect the pandemic to have little impact on our day-to-day operations.

We will be watching the situation closely and making any key decisions based on guidance from health professionals and officials. If we need to adjust our operations in any capacity or make changes that could impact our work together, we will communicate that information to you immediately.

From today, our staff will have the option to work from home if they choose to and we are also suspending travel until further notice. We will instead be exploring alternative options for keeping in touch via phone and video conferencing as it is important for us to maintain the same level of contact that you have grown to expect from Fairview.

In the meantime, if you have any concerns or would like more information on our contingency plans, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager or email:

24-16 Queens Plaza South adds a touch of art to Long Island City

The latest addition to Long Island City’s skyline, 24-16 Queens Plaza South, is a five-story, pre-war commercial building topped off with a new high-rise tower. Designed by Woods Bagot, the unique façade design has been described as Art Moderne-inspired.

Although not the tallest of constructions amongst the new developments around Long Island City, 24-16 Queens Plaza South’s facade stands out from the more common glass towers. The exterior features horizontal stripes in Fairview’s Vitrabond FR MCM panels in “Pearl White Gloss” as fabricated by Clearview Cladding Concepts. The project also features Vitrabond panels in "Anthrazit Grey".

Fairview has a reputation for offering specialty finishes, however, this project shows how one of our standard white stocking finishes can be used to achieve a unique exterior façade design. Other projects featuring Fairview’s white color finishes can be found here.

Statement - Fairview Architectural and Mac Metals



“After three successful years together, Fairview Architectural announced today that David Simonsen and David McConnell of MacMetals, inventors of the innovative Arrowhead installation system, are moving on to explore new opportunities. Management and staff at Fairview wish them well in their new endeavors and thank them for their assistance in getting Arrowhead established within the company and to having supported and trained many customers to become Arrowhead installers. The company looks forward to continuing on this success with further enhancements to the Arrowhead system that are currently under development.”


Introducing Fairview Architectural’s new Rust Collection

Our latest range of architectural design finishes are guaranteed to make any design project stand out from the crowd


As a specialist in providing unique and innovative façade cladding finishes, Fairview Architectural is continually striving to find new ranges that will excite and inspire design and specification professionals. We are pleased to introduce our latest imitation range – The Rust Collection.


Our team have proven that value engineering does not require the need to detour too far from the original design material. With The Rust Collection they have managed to put together an impressive selection of imitation finishes that closely match the look of natural rust.

The current range includes seven finishes: Mesa Rust, Mojave Rust, Longhorn Rust, Nimitz Blue, Nebula Blue, Azure Patina and Sierra Rust that was recently used on The Watson project. For more information on this project, please take a look at our project case study.


The finishes in the Rust Collection offer all of the aesthetic benefits of a natural rust finish but with none of the drawbacks thanks to the backing of our popular metal composite material, Vitrabond FR. Other benefits of these natural finishes is that they do not produce any dust; will NOT leach or stain in poor weather; come in a variety of shades and colors and; will keep their integrity for years to come.

The launch of our new Rust Collection comes just months after we introduced the Zinc cladding collection through a strategic partnership with Rheinzink America. These two natural finish ranges ensure architects and designers can achieve a unique façade that will change and evolves over time.

If you would like to order a Rust Collection sample pack or individual samples, please use this dedicated request form. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss these finishes with one of our team, please contact 860-242-2711 or email

Top Projects 2019

As the time draws near to bid farewell to 2019, the team at Fairview Architectural would like to thank you for your support

and look forward to collaborating with you again in 2020. We are grateful for the business relationships that we have been formed and nurtured throughout the year and that have enabled us to be involved in some exciting and innovative building projects.

Here is a look back at some of these projects in our Top Projects 2019 gallery (click on the names for more information):

Introducing the ‘new look’ Fairview Architectural

Unveiling our new brand for 2020

After an extensive strategic review and development process, we are pleased to be able to reveal our new look for our corporate brand and product range. The realignment of the Fairview brands was undertaken in order to ensure that the Company has a clear identity for our suite of façade cladding products, installation systems and accessories.

Since the entrance of Fairview Architectural into North America in 2012 with the popular exterior cladding product, Vitrabond, our product range has quickly expanded to include new and innovative facade products for the building industry that increase productivity and capacity such as Vitrabond G2, Vitraplate, and the game-changing installation system, Arrowhead.

“With business growth continuing steadily, and new products being launched in 2020 with still more under development, we decided that the time was right to give our corporate and product brands a refresh that would enable them to reflect where we are today and also where Fairview is headed in the near future,” explains General Manager, Jerry Fossey. “Our new branding captures our nimble culture of being structured to respond to market demands, allowing us to grow where our clients want us to be,” he added.

As part of the rebranding process, Fairview’s corporate brand has received a simple refresh whereas the product brands have been completely transformed as to be instantly recognisable as part of the Fairview family. Each product brand has a familial connection to Fairview and its own strong and distinct color that ties in with our reputation for providing striking façade finishes.

From concept through to creation, Fairview continues to be the most convenient source for premium building façade products, bringing material safety and innovation to the industry. We will continue to work closely with our customers to deliver innovative products and finishes that meet the requirements and vision of each project.

The new Fairview brand will start rolling out from the New Year.

Why architects are trending towards natural Zinc finishes

We have been tracking this trend for a while now, but we felt the time had come to make it official. Based on our sample requests and building façade project orders, we have definitely noticed a trend towards using natural Zinc finishes on our Vitrabond® metal composite material. It’s not hard to understand why designers and architects are choosing to use zinc finishes.


Below are just some of the key benefits of choosing natural zinc finishes on building facades:

Weather Resistance

Natural Zinc finishes offer excellent weather resistance, with their natural ability to form a patina that protects from rust and corrosion. This also provides you with an ever-changing and naturally evolving finish.

Longevity and Sustainability

Zinc finishes have the benefit of lasting for several decades thanks to the naturally occurring patina that increases the longevity of the finish. They are also 100% recyclable making them an environmentally-friendly building solution.

Corrosion Resistance

Unlike the oxidation process of steel that forms rust and eventually corrodes overtime and renders the surface unusable, zinc has the ability to resist corrosion due to a unique reaction. When zinc is exposed to moisture and the carbon dioxide that is present in our atmosphere, a protective layer of zinc carbonate forms on its surface. The resulting zinc-carbonate layer creates a beautiful bluish patina that also has aesthetic appeal.


Another unique characteristic of zinc is that it can “heal” itself overtime. As it continues to patina throughout its lifetime, scratches and imperfections that were once present will virtually disappear.

Zinc comes in a wide range of colors that include reds, blues and greys as well as a slate and graphite finishes. The textured aspect of the pre-weathered zinc shows through the color, similar to the grain in wood. See our color chart for more information.

Our Zinc Partnership

The increased interest in zinc contributed to our decision to form a strategic partnership with RHEINZINK America as the exclusive provider of Zinc Composite Material (ZCM) using their finishes. This collaboration has already seen us work together on a variety of projects, including the 70 Carlton Street project and the magnificent Bank of the Ozarks project (currently under construction).

As shown above there are many benefits to using zinc finishes on building facades, however, when combined with composite material you get the additional performance benefits from this product. Find out more about the extra benefits of using Vitrabond® Zinc Composite Material on your next building façade project here.

How the Stephen A. Levin Neural & Behavioral Sciences Building went from concept to a multi-award winning construction project

Officially completed in 2016, the Stephen A. Levin Neural & Behavioral Sciences Building at the University of Pennsylvania has won a host of design and construction awards. The accolades include the Architectural Institute of America’s – Educational Facility Design Award (2017) and the General Building Contractor Association’s – Construction Excellence Award (2017). So, what made this particular project so special?

A Collaborative Approach

Designed by the Smith Group architects in Washington, D.C., the brief was to combine the life sciences programs at the University of Pennsylvania into one state of the art facility. The result was a six-story, $68.6-million, 78,000-square-foot building that consolidated the biology, psychology and behavioural sciences under one roof. The functional exterior design also ensured a controlled environment for the laboratories through inclusion of a glass and aluminium sunscreen that filters soft, yet expansive light throughout the day.

Sven Shockey, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, design director at the Smith Group said in an article for metal architecture magazine that the sunscreen helped temper the light, reduce solar gain and therefore, heating loads, while greatly reducing glare: “We experimented with different form factors and found that a planar sunshade can significantly reduce solar gain, but allow expansive views out”.

The Stephan A. Levin Building presented a new and highly visible public façade for UPenn that highlighted the University’s commitment to the sciences and research. EDA Contractors, Bensalem, PA were chosen to install the façade panels using Fairview’s Vitrabond MCM. The Vitrabond panels were perfect for achieving the unique design features whilst still complementing the other university buildings. The exterior is made up of 20,000sf panels in “Aria White”, 8,000sf of “Nordic Green Pre-Patina Copper” panels and 1,400sf “Cannon Grey panels”.

Cory Robbins of EDA Contractors commented: “We were delighted to be involved in the UPenn project. It offered some installation challenges which our experienced team were able to overcome with ease and we delivered the project on time and in budget”.

Why Vitrabond?

Vitrabond façade cladding is a popular choice for infrastructure projects such as education facilities as it is cost-effective, easy-to-install and fabricated and comes in range of attractive finishes as well as being fully customizable.  More information on the project can be found here.

Casadei Industria PROCompositeTech and Fairview collaborate on live routing demos at METALCON 2019

Come see us at Booth #504 and #507

October 9th 2019, Bloomfield, CT – Fairview Architectural North America is joining forces with Casadei Industria PROCompositeTech to offer live machine routing demonstrations throughout METALCON 2019. The demonstrations will be held on the Casadei Industria PROComposite Tech Booth #507 and feature live routing of Fairview’s leading products on the ALU Ranger, the industry’s fastest and most innovative Panel Fabrication System.

The live demonstrations will take place at booth #507 each day of the show at any time. Visitors to the Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech booth will be able to see first-hand the advanced machining capabilities of the ALU Ranger, with its innovative Vertical Table that provides a significantly smaller machine footprint than horizontal machines.

Alu Bender will also provide demos for their panel edge protection system and Double VGROOVING for Fairview’s innovative panel system, Arrowhead.

For each of the demonstrations, the Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech team will be using Fairview’s industry leading products: the ACM cladding panel, Vitrabond, the unique 3mm solid aluminium panel Vitraplate and Vitrabond G2, the non-combustible metal composite panel, to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the machine and more.

Visitors are also encouraged to visit Fairview’s Booth #504 where they can speak to an experienced panel consultant as well as view an interactive wall build-up that features Fairview’s complete range of MCM products installed on the Arrowhead panel fixing system. Visitors can also collect a copy of our new Color Design Guide that features all 96 of our colors, textures and, finishes currently available.

Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech is exclusively distributed in North America by Joseph Machine Co in Dillsburg PA.