Arrowhead Flex is aesthetically similar to traditional rain screen systems, but is designed to significantly reduce installation and labor costs.

Fairview’s Arrowhead extrusions is always in stock and ready to ship from our East Coast and West Coast locations.  We offer 2 – 5 day shipping turn around on in stock extrusion making it easy to get the project started on time.

  • Non-Progressive Design allows installers to start and stop as needed, use multiple crews on a single elevation and work around other trades.
  • Fully Tested to AAMA 508 and 509, Florida Product Approval, and multiple ASTM Approvals
  • Fast and Easy Installation with revolutionary Arrowhead t-clip
  • Fairview offers a comprehensive training program taught by our panel consultants for both fabrication and installation
  • Arrowhead Flex provides design flexibility by offering the ability to vary panel depth with the same simple installation policy.

The Arrowhead Flex® System Variations

Arrowhead Flex primarily functions as a standard rain screen but can also accommodate two different materials different materials and designs.  As shown in the diagrams below Flex can be used designed to accommodate an insulated panel as well as custom panel depths.  Flex can also be used in conjunction with our Vitraplate material.

Arrowhead® 508/509 Vitrabond 4mm ACM Rainscreen

Arrowhead Flex® With 1" Insulated Panel

Arrowhead Flex® With Custom Panel Depth

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