What Is Vitraplate®?

Vitraplate® is an aluminum plate facade material featuring the same industry-leading coil coated process as our Vitrabond® metal composite material.  It's shipped directly to our customers as a prefinished material eliminating the unneeded logistics and risk involved with post-painting façade panels after fabrication. Vitraplate® is available up to 0.125” thick and 60” wide.

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Advantages of using Vitraplate

Fairview’s Vitraplate material eliminates the need for the added production liability of fabricating and post painting aluminum plate.  Now you can order prefinished material that has the same highly durable, coil coated finish and can be routed, assembled and sent to the job site in record time.


The categories of people that use Vitrabond® are Architects, General Contractors, Fabricators and Installers. They all have the same goal in mind, which is to enhance the beauty of the building through the different finishes and colors that the panels and material have to offer.


Specify Vitrabond because of the wide variety of surfaces and finishes that are available, compared to other façade products.

General Contractors

Prefer Vitrabond because of the value-added services that ensure an effective on-time and on-budget completion of the project.

Fabricators and Installers

Promote Vitrabond because they have the assurance of a knowledgeable and supportive team behind the product that is helping them achieve success.

Classico-Solid Colors

White VB9902

Off White VB9702

Pearl White Gloss VB1025

Black VB9130

Lake Frome VB9504

Graystanes VB9304

Bellereve Bay VB9107

Quaker Bronze VB1385

Rubis Red VB1685

Metallica-Metallic Colors

Anodic Satin Black VB5292

Gold Metallic VB4150

Bronze Metallic VB9308

Champagne Metallic VB9205

Copper Metallic VB9809

Dark Grey Metallic VB9137

Bright Silver Metallic VB9801

Smoke Silver Metallic VB9134

Silver Metallic VB9601

Special Order

Airport White VB1005

Tacuma Bay VB9802

Lemon Yellow VB1120

Boat Harbour VB9207

Pearl White Gloss VB1025

Vintage Green VB1530

Brimstone VB9011

Bakos Blue VB1490

Pure Apple VB1550

Bright Orange VB1190

Ultramarine Blue VB1460

Beige VB1310

Fairview Green VB9212

Graphite Red VB9477

Strong Sage VB1585

Capsicum Red VB1690

Brown Coal VB9108

Lowesdale VB9061

Faux-Realistic Finishes

Faux Zinc Light VB5790

Faux Zinc Dark VB5220

Faux Zinc Charcoal VB5260

Faux Corten VB5360

Vitra FX-Special Effect Colors

Chromatic Purple VB7450

Chromatic Tiger VB7180

Sparkling Black VB7295

Sparkling Blue VB7470

Sparkling Red VB7650

Sparkling White VB7020

Sparkling Dark Grey Metallic VB7250