Progressive vs. Non-Progressive Panel Installation Systems

In buildings, it is typical for the exterior walls to be covered with some sort of panels to both protect the “guts” of the walls and to present a properly-finished appearance. To those passing by, the differences between the options aren’t always immediately apparent except for their visual appeal. However, if you’re in the construction business, you need to be quite aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the two main panel installation systems: Progressive and non-progressive.

What is a Non-Progressive Installation Panel System?

This type of installation gets its name from the fact that the installation of one part does not progress from that of the prior module. It has many benefits, such as the ability to remove or replace a section without the need to dismantle those that are around it. This makes it easy to repair or update a wall on an as-needed basis without high costs, other benefits include having multiple crews installing in all directions

What is a Progressive Installation Panel System?

Progressive systems use panels that interlock in some fashion. One of the easiest ways to imagine these systems is as being like bricks. Each one builds upon and interlocks those that were installed before it and that will come after it. The biggest downside to this is that it takes a long time – and therefore, a lot of money – to install. It also makes remodeling or repairs into complex, expensive procedures. Installation is one directions only, so you can not expedite installation with multiple crews, like you can with a Non-Progressive Panel System.

Which is Best for a Building Project?

In most cases, the non-progressive installation system is superior.  Therefore, there is no need to forego the ease of installation and repair that comes with a non-progressive installation system. In fact, the non-progressive version is almost always the best option.

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